Shoulder Injury - San Francisco Giants Baseball Club

September 24, 2002

Dear Ms. Goldberg,

Thanks so much for treating my ailing shoulder. Your acupuncture treatments were very effective in alleviating my pain due to the demands of the major league baseball season. Over the course of the 162 game season and another 40 games during our spring training, overuse and fatigue are all too common. I found your treatments to be very helpful and have recommended you to others on our club.

Your understanding of sports injuries, combined with your acupuncture skills and professionalism make you a great asset to our team.


Joe Lefebvre
First Base Coach
San Francsico Giants

Knee Injury - Palisades High School District

April 25, 1996

Dear Ms. Goldberg,

On behalf of the Palisades High School Football team, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your time, knowledge and exemplary acupuncture skills in treating the players.

We will never forget when a player's knee injury forced him off the field and your immediate acupuncture treatment allowed him to return to the game, pain free, within minutes. This dramatic illustration of your skills gave the players a sense of security and confidence, knowing that they could rely on you if an injury occurred.

Thank you again for your assistance and we look forward to your return to the 1996 football season.


Charles L. Johnson
Athletic Director